Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weight Watchers

Hi! I've decided to join WW, and after 2 weeks, have lost 7 pounds so far. I get weighed again either tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday morning, depending upon which meeting I go to. I hope for a good weight loss. I figured it was time to get rid of this excess body clutter and get into shape and then MAINTAIN it, like I never have before. I'm doing it vegetarian style, and that has its rewards. Michael is doing the veggie part with me, but is eating more than I do. At least he tries to.
I've been focusing on whole grain foods and beans right now. I will venture into tempeh and tofu and miso, etc, as the weeks go by. I found a recipe that uses edamame and rice, so I am going to try it and see how it goes. See if Michael likes it. See if I like it.
Emily and Chris picked out a new wedding cake design and I took it by Sue and she said she could do it, with help from the florist. So I went to the florist and she grabbed what silk calla liles she had - it has calla lilies on the top and on the sides of the cake here and there. It is beautiful. I'm SO glad to be rescued from having to make the cake myself. I think everything is in place for the wedding - I do need to call our piano player and let her know about the rehearsal and I think that is all right now. Michael needs to get his black suit to the dry cleaners and get it ready. I think the dress I got for the wedding will be adequate even if I do lose weight. If not, I'll pick something out last minute.
I've been sick with a bad cold or the flu or something for the past 3 or 4 weeks. Thus no updates here until now. I'm finally feeling a tad better. Thanks be to God!
I have the urge to knit something. I think the gals at Mosaic would faint if I walked in the door! I haven't been there in a long time. I just want something easy to knit. Like a scarf for Michael.
And I want to work on my studio so I can get the Yosemite quilt done.

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Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Congratulations on your weight loss, Annie! Loved the pics of your dogs too. Hope you are feeling better.