Friday, March 14, 2008


I took a walk yesterday with my son-in-law to be. We walked only for one mile - that is all I could do at this stage. I'll work up to walking 2 miles. He mentioned that he wanted to start walking again to my husband, who told me, so I asked him yesterday morning, and he said sure! So this odd couple went walking - he started off with a brisk walk, which I could not keep up with, but he is such a gentleman, so he slowed down to where I could keep up with him. I sped up as much as I could do, but I was getting winded. So we set a good pace to be able to walk and be able to talk with some difficulty. I'm sure the persons walking the other way were wondering how this old lady had managed to get this hunky young guy to walk with her. LOL!

And today, I went to Curves, the gym for women. I was proud of myself for going and doing the workout. This should help with my weight loss. I have stayed the same the last week. So doing the exercise should shake up my metabolism and get some weight loss going. I plan on going to Curves on MWF and walking on T/TH/SAT. Taking Sunday off.

I rejoined the Quilt Art list, and have met Linda Minton, who has been MOST compassionate with me, since I had unsubbed from the list several years ago when they got into a stupid discussion about Thomas Kincaid versus some other artist, and once I asked a simple question and got flamed by a bunch of people. I said I didn't need this, so I unsubbed from the group. So I thought maybe time had healed the group, and I rejoined it the other day, and what did I walk into? ANOTHER discussion of Thomas Kincaid versus some other artist!!!!!!!!! I wrote in and told them my experience of unsubbing before and here they were doing it again, and couldn't we all just play nice? Anyway, Linda emailed me, and said I must have really bad timing! LOL! But she encouraged me to stay on, and I will. I need to get some pictures of my art up here on my blog. I haven't done that yet, and I'd like to get to that soon.

I use the logo at the beginning of my blog on my "business" cards. I list my name, address and email address. If I sell my jewelry, I attach one of my cards to it, so they know who made it. My jewelry is the only thing I sell. I haven't gotten to the point of selling my other artworks yet - they are so personal to me. We are running out of wallspace here to hang things on, but I don't give up.

Now it is up to me to continue my exercise pattern and I'll see my pounds go down.

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