Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Artwork

I need to put up photos of my artwork here on my blog. I haven't done it yet, because all of my photos are on my old broken down computer. I've got to re-take the photos and then load them into my computer. I make quilts, jewelry, mixed media work, do paintings, knitting, collage, etc etc etc. I can't seem to get tied down to any one thing. I will start taking some photos today and hopefully get some good images to post. I love houses, and they figure prominently in many of my quilts.
I went to Lucky Shie's website and would love to take one of her art camps - maybe next year? I can try to schedule one when Emily and Chris have a week off so they can come and stay with Michael, or can check in with him daily. I need to start saving some money for it.
Did Weight Watchers today and according to their scales, I had gained .6 pounds. about half a pound. Dang it! That was discouraging, especially with me adding exercise. Next week I should get a loss or I am going to sit down with the leader and see what I am doing wrong.

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Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Annie, I'm looking forward to seeing some of your artwork. Don't be discouraged about the WW thing ... it all evens out, and you will start losing again (I love WW, and need to starton it again).
I can highly recommend Lucky Shie's workshops ... I took a 5 day class with her a couple of years ago at QSDS, and she is fantastic fun, and you will learn a lot!