Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More quilts

Good Afternoon!
I joined a Dear Jane quilt group - another block by block group, based on the Dear Jane quilt. I'm going to be doing mine in jewel tones,rather than the traditional fabrics. I think that will be dramatic. Chris has been helping me with my studio, and we are about ready to rearrange it. ooooooooo, you know how fond of rearranging I am. I have virtually stopped knitting for now. Will pick it back up in the fall. Or will pick it back up in the evenings. I just don't feel like doing it right now for some reason. Well,I do know one reason, and that is since I am dieting, I will be wanting to make some sweaters and coats for myself, and I want to wait until I hit and maintain my goal weight before I start making some stuff for myself. I'm a little bit tired of making scarves. But too tired to do anything more difficult.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Quilting Themes

Hi! I have joined two new groups to do 2 new quilts, and I am so excited about them. One is Quilting the Women of the Bible, and one is Quilting the Names of Jesus. Both go along with a Bible Study/Devotional, and I will learn as I go along, about each of these. Today they are talking about Jael, a woman who took control of a city when the men left. It was very interesting reading about her. I have to write for the patterns - I may call tomorrow and order the patterns over the phone - to get them sooner. They will make gorgeous quilts. And I will have learned some very new things and will have my faith renewed - always a good thing.

I'm getting my studio cleaned up, and plan on working on that tomorrow and the rest of the week, until I get it just as clean and shiny as it can be. Get everything put away, and be ready for working in it as soon as possible.

First priority will be starting the Yosemite quilt. Will add more later.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Fever

The day time temps here are fluctuating between the 60's and the 40's, sometimes dipping into the 30's at night time. It has got me into Spring Fever real bad! I'm doing spring cleaning, and that includes my studio - finally. Baby stepping my way into getting it done.

I've signed up for an online class on quilting on paper, and that sounds like a wonderful experience to me. I'm looking forward to that class! I'm gathering supplies, which is always fun!

Still working on getting some photos up of my artwork.