Thursday, April 30, 2009


I went with Emily and Chris on Tuesday to see her obstetrician, and he did an ultrasound of her baby, and they called me back to see it. Oh my, I teared up, seeing the wee one. You could see its heart beating, and Emily said I had just missed seeing it dance - it did a little shimmy dance for her. The doctor said it will grow about a mm per day, and her next appt is May 29, so it should be a good bit bigger by then.

I had to rip out part of the sweater I am knitting for the baby, due to an error I made back aways, and caught. So I worked ysterday and got it back to where I was, and plan on working on it today also. I also got tempted by another yarn in a very pale pastel teal color for another sweater, so bought the yarn for that. That baby will be well clad. I'm going to have to make the baby some hats (I've already made one) since it will be a December baby. Dec. 2nd is the due date. We are all so excited about this. The doctor gave us each a picture of the ultrasound and it will go in the baby's scrapbook as its first picture. Won't that be amazing for him or her to look at in 21 years?