Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No More Cakes!

Well, I convinced myself that I am going to be unable to do Emily's wedding cake, and will turn it over to the professionals. That is a load off my mind. That week before the wedding should run smoothly, and having to make the cake was like throwing that whole week into a tornado. Now, I just have to see if the cake lady can do it for us. I sure hope so.

I'm reading the Elm Creek Quilt novels, and enjoying them immensely. I'm also reading, in between, a new author to me - Patricia Cornwell. Very exciting murder mysteries. I don't want to put them down. I read them on Saturday and Sunday and manage to finish them by Sunday night. Luckily she has a good line of them, so I should be set for reading for quite a while. Patricia Cornwell, used to be head of our state's (Virginia) CSI unit in Richmond, and her main character is a detective, Kay Scarpetta. She is a very good writer and makes her characters come to life. Carolyn introduced her novels to me. Thanks, Carolyn!!!

My creativity coach, Paula, has me trying something new: at the end of each day, I am to write:
Today I am glad...................... And fill that in. You can make as many statements of Today I am glad.......... that you want to. I'm going to try that tonight. Right now, I know that today I am glad I decided to not make the wedding cake. LOL Too much pressure.

Blessed be!

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Carolyn said...

I like Patricia Cornwell, myself. I laughed when you said "you were glad you had decided NOT to make the wedding cake"...too funny! I don't blame you. You'll have enough stress as it is...without having to worry about decorating a cake...especially a WEDDING cake...and especially for your DAUGHTER!!!!