Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Roses, roses smell so sweet.........

Last night, in our cake class, we learned to start making roses. At first, I couldn't catch on to it. Then the teacher came by, and did it holding my hands and moving them the right way. THEN, I got it. AHA! Now it is practice, practice, practice. Because next week is our last class, and we have to make a whole bunch of roses to put on top of our cakes. I am excited to learn how to finish making the roses, and hope I can do a good job. All of this builds up to making Emily's wedding cake.
I start the next cake class on Feb.7th - working with fondant and gum paste. I'll learn how to drape a cake in that class. It puts such a nice finish on the cake.
Hopefully, they'll offer a Course 2 for the regular cake class. The fondant class is an extra class. Four classes, on Thursday evenings. I'll start practicing my roses tomorrow. I need a stiff, yet pliable icing - just right. And one pastry bag for the base, and one pastry bag for the petals.
It sure smells good in our kitchen nowadays. Sweet, and yummy.

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