Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Roses and Mickster

I have been practicing making my rosebuds, and they are not bad. I think I have it down. What is next? Gotta make a cake - going to make a white cake with raspberry preserves swirled through it. That is what Emily wants for her wedding, so I might as well try it. I'm going to tint the icing a periwinkle blue, and use purple for the roses.
I also want to try to make some "fire and ice" roses - those are Emily's favorite roses. They are a light yellow and then tinged at the top with a deep red. I am going to tint the icing a pale yellow and then use a powdered sugar that has been already made up, to "paint" the edges of the roses the deep red color.
All the dogs are in, except for Mickey, who likes his privacy, who is still outside. The rest of them are all asleep on the floor around us here in the den. Mickey likes to be called Mickster. He responds to that better.

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