Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes Everywhere!

Last night was our 3rd class in the cake decorating class. One more to go. We learned more on how to make roses. After numerous attempts, I finally got it right. All of us were eating our mistakes. LOL Then we learned some drop flowers and how to make a 3D clown to sit on top of a cake. He was cute! But definitely the rose was the hardest thing to master. I got one really right. Next Tuesday is our last class, and I need to practice, practice, practice those roses, because we are going to do our last class, and put a bouquet of roses on the cake we bring in. YIKES!!!!!!!!!! So you know what I'll be doing. A big bowl of icing on my lap and my pastry bags full, and then practice practice practice.
We've figured out that we could have bought two professionally decorated cakes for the price we have paid for all the stuff I've had to buy for the classes. Bah!
On Feb. 7th, I start the fondant and gum paste course. That should be interesting. That will truly be something new.


Carolyn said...

I wish you'd post a photo of your roses...I'd like to see them.

Annie Littlewolf said...

Carolyn,I'll post a picture next week - right now, all I have is basically a rose bud. I'll post pictures of the roses next week after class, when we learn how to do the whole rose.