Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hi Folks,
Tis 4AM, and I've been up since 2:15. Bummer. Michael says I am in a manic phase. He's probably right.
I worked on my ArtTechniques project yesterday. Got all 130 cards cut out, and got 40 bottlecaps flattened, and got about a dozen cards stamped with background stamps. Will do 40 more bottlecaps flattened today and will try to get at least 40 more pages stamped. I might start gluing today also. Here is a pic of a finished page. I am going to get Michael to help me stamp the backgrounds, so he is involved, and helpful. I've got until Feb. 28 to get these all done and mailed out to Betsy. I should be able to be done with these in January. I've also got to make a Christmas card for my secret sister on my Alextamping group - by Dec. 15th. I'm waiting on one stamp to come in before making that. I'll post a picture of that card when I get it done. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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