Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tune in, Drop Out, Turn on

Hi - Well, after a day OFF of doing cards, I realized that I didn't miss it one bit. And I began to question my sanity of spending Christmas time doing these 125 cards, worrying about them, frantically trying to find enough small buttons for the shoes for them, etc. I put on a Christmas CD, tuned in, and began to relax. And a sense of peace came over me, and I began to think. I remembered seeing 2 or 3 emails from people who wanted IN to this swap, though it was closed..........and my mind said, gee, if I drop out, they could have my space...and a little bit of relaxation came over me, and I thought it about a few seconds more, and decided that yes, that sounded good to me. I waited until Michael got up, and asked his opinion, and he agreed with me. Why put that much effort into something during this special time of year? It would be much better spent baking cookies, decorating, listening to Christmas music, making my Christmas presents, so I wrote Margie, the hostess of the swap, and begged for mercy (no, I didn't beg - I just told her that I needed to get out of the swap), and she wrote back, and said no problem. And a huge load of relief came off my shoulders. I will ask Elena to send me her book after a while so I can see what it looks like, and I'll send it back. Same for the fall book.
Now, there is a winter skinny book swap that I would have to do 25 pages for front and back - so that is 50 pages and I'm going to say no to that, even though it isn't due until Jan 31st. I've GOT to get my studio cleaned up before I try to work on anything swap-wise. And I'll take January to do that with Chris's help. And then there is the rest of the house. But I'll bite that off just a little at a time. So now that I dropped out, I'll turn on more Christmas music. And relax a little more.
Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Mar said...

you did what you needed to do...peace is a better alternative to the uneasy feeling that you were experiencing..the swaps shouldn't bring you craziness.
passing it along was the exact right thing to do!