Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sophia Cards

Good afternoon!
I finished my 5 Sophia cards (PID images), and here they are. I had fun doing these - they are wintery ones, and made me feel chilly to make them. They are ready to mail out tomorrow. The next one will be of Ralph. I've never done an ATC with a guy as the main focus. So we shall see how it comes out. You'll see soon enough.

I've signed up for a FAT BOOK exchange on recycled embellishments. I'm going to use bottle caps, buttons, and colored wire. So I'll make a background for each card, and then add these embellishments. No two can be alike, and I have to make one for each person signed up. So far there are 36 people signed up.

I'm also signing up for a different fat book exchange - 4 per month, and we mail them in to the hostess and will get back four new fat book pages. I've asked the moderator how much we have to do to the cards, like is this a finished card - background, focal element and then embellishments? I haven't heard back from her yet. I hope so, because that is more fun.

My husband and I sat down the other evening, and discussed the movement of my studio out of the master bedroom space and put our bedroom back in there, and he was against it. He said all we do is go to bed and we don't need a bunch of room around us. So we are NOT going to be rearranging the studio I have now. I want an ironing space set up, so it is ready all the time. And we got some wire cubicle storage bins to put together to help me sort out my stuff. That way we can get my studio together. I think we can do that tomorrow, and bring in my fabric shelves back to the studio - we had gotten them put into Michael's office until we got everything else moved. Now it is just a matter for me to clean up the room, and get a space cleared off for working on my ATCs.


Mar said...

lots of project time ahead for you!

Val Foster said...

Hi. Just took a look at your blog, and it's very interesting. I'm glad you posted your art. These cards are delightful. I love the embellishments, especially the yummy dimension lace.

I have a lace piece on my blog. Not for embellishment but for the whole piece. Here's the link.
If the link doesn't work, it's in my archives under 6/15. I love using lace in art, and have quite a neat collection of it.