Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, when Emily and Chris came home for lunch, they called Michael and me to the den, and told us that Emily was pregnant!!!!!!!! We were stunned, and delighted, and deliriously happy! ; So we will be Grandpa and Grandma. Her due date is approximately Dec. 5th. We'll know more when she has her first maternity check-up on April 28th. The doctor has already started her on vitamins and supplements. We've been making up lists - things to do, things to buy, etc etc. We're going to be grandpa and grandma. Emily and I are going to Mosaic Yarn Shop this afternoon to pick out some yarn for a baby blanket for me to make. We'll use green, yellow and ivory tones right now, until we know the sex of the baby. They haven't decided if they want to know, or want to be surprised at the birth.
With a December birth date and Emily getting 6 weeks maternity leave will give us a very happy Christmas!!!!!!!
We are so happy and so excited. I can't believe that MY BABY is having a baby! We've got a ton of things to do around here. So lists have got to be made. I'm a good list maker. And I have a ton of things to knit. That will take over right now over other crafts and art projects. I'm so glad I'm on my Parkinson's medication, so it allows me to use my hands to knit with.
Happy and Joy filled!!!!!!!!!


Mar said...

and you are gonna enjoy this new role immensely
My prayers go off that all goes well for the new mom and child and new family as a unit.

Sharon said...

Congratulations Annie! What a wonderful Christmas gift! Hope all goes well with your daughter and the baby. Happy knitting! :)